Doctor Butcher V & Music To Dream By Volume II – Now Available on Bandcamp!

It’s true! Both albums are now available on Bandcamp for free!

I’m pretty happy with both of them. Doctor Butcher V explores some old themes and expands on others. In a sense it was a bit of a tribute to the previous albums.

Work on Doctor Butcher VI has not begun yet, but will be a bit of a departure from the first five albums insofar as it will heavily feature the bass guitar to compliment that classic Doctor Butcher samples. I’ve got a few samples in mind. I’m excited. I’m unsure of what the story or theme to the album will be quite yet, but I’m sure it will develop organically as the others have done.

Music To Dream By Volume II however is a bit of a departure from the first. I pulled back on the dialogue samples rather heavily, played around with some higher tempo drums, and let the songs last a little longer. Unlike Doctor Butcher which is a story, MTDB is a very moody and emotional project and I allowed myself to indulge in some longer track times. Most are still pretty short. It also includes a goofy little downsampled and jumpy version of the Talking Heads classic ‘This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)’

Anyway, blah blah blah! Go download the new albums!


Doctor Butcher M.D. (Medical Deviate)

Doctor Butcher V: The Five Deadly Venoms

Music To Dream By (Volume II)

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