State of Affairs

Well, it’s been a few weeks so now seems like an appropriate time to give some updates on the status of my current projects.

Doctor Butcher VI has stalled out a bit. The project has a healthy 15-20 minutes of length, currently, but I intend to cut about 4 or 5 of those tracks as I’m not too crazy about them. I really like the others, I should note.

Music to Dream By Vol III is trucking a long quote nicely. So far I’ve got two pretty fun, summer-y kind of beats for it and a few samples tucked away for use. I imagine that this will likely wind up being my next release, but we’ll see how things shake out. You never know how, when, or in what form inspiration will strike, so I’m not setting any deadlines for myself until the projects begin to near completion.

I am considering seeking out a singer to work with on a short pop style project. Something in the veins of the sneaker pimps or beach house, I’m unsure as of yet and still formulating ideas. I’d like to get a few tracks done for the project before 2018, but again, we’ll see what happens and let it develop organically.

Once DBVI is completed I will be releasing a ‘best of’ album compiling my favorite Doctor Butcher songs into a single track list and accompanying YouTube video.

Author: kidkonsequence

29. Male.

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