Kid Konsequence (AKA Doctor Butcher M.D. Medical Deviate) is a Portland based producer specializing in Grindhouse Horror themed instrumental breakbeat concept albums.

Kid Konsequence’s first foray into beat making consisted of production of all tracks on Portland rapper Dap’s debut album ‘From What I’ve Gathered’ in 2009.

Since the beginning of January 2017 Kid Konsequence has begun releasing a series of breakbeat concept albums, starting with his solo debut of ‘Doctor Butcher M.D. (Medical Deviate)‘ on Friday the 13th of January 2017. This was subsequently followed by ‘Music To Dream By,’ ‘Doctor Butcher Vol II – The Second Cut,’ ‘Bad Lieutenant,’  ‘Doctor Butcher Vol III – Into The Monstrous Maw of Madness,’ ‘Doctor Butcher Vol IV – Blackwolf,’ Doctor Butcher Vol V – The Five Deadly Venoms,’ and ‘Music To Dream By (Vol II).’

The projects were inspired by a love of instrumental hip-hop/breakbeat music and a love of film, particularly grindhouse horror and science fiction.